Occupational Therapy Services for Individuals & Families

Do you have an injury or disability that restricts your independence and function?
Perhaps your condition is resulting from a physical, cognitive or emotional issue, and you are having difficulties with personal care, productivity or other daily activities.

Coastal Rehab can help.

We know and have a good rapport with a wide range of local therapists, suppliers and community organisations across Queensland, to assist in planning and achieving your rehab goals. Experienced therapists with up-to-date knowledge work with you to achieve your functional goal. Our therapists conduct assessments in the office, at your home, school or worksite, depending on your situation. A wide range of clinical skills, as well as aids, equipment and assistive technologies are used in our clinical toolkit to help you better manage daily life, and increase your wellbeing and life satisfaction.

We offer a holistic and tailored approach to your rehab journey, to help you move forward in your life.

Every case is different.

Contact our friendly staff to discuss your individual needs today.

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