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Registered NDIS Providers

Coastal Rehab are registered NDIS providers and offer comprehensive assessment and rehabilitation services that are aimed at improving daily living, achieving goals, and obtaining a healthy state of well-being. We support client choice, identify needs, and meet goals by providing evidence-based information, appropriate assessments and timely intervention and reporting methods.

The NDIS scheme is facilitated through the Australian government and aims to assist registered individuals living with physical and/or mental disabilities. Through NDIS, the team at Coastal Rehab can help our clients access the support and care needed to live full, happy lives.

To partner with Coastal Rehab, we will need your Support Coordinator details, your funding model, and a copy of the relevant section/s of your plan. A Service Agreement, which identifies the responsibilities of all parties, will then be developed.

Eligibility for the NDIS Scheme

Acceptance into the NDIS scheme can be achieved regardless of whether an individual’s impairment occurred at birth or as a result of injury, disease or an accident. The scheme has eligibility requirements including that all or a significant portion of Activities of Daily Living have been affected by the disability.

In order to participate in the NDIS scheme, you must meet the following basic criteria:

Download and complete our NDIS intake form below, or contact us for more assistance.

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Dedicated NDIS Services

Coastal Rehab Registered NDIS Support Categories

Our occupational therapists provide NDIS-related services for the above categories, including functional evaluations, driving, home, community and initial needs assessments, and assistive technology. We can also assist in evaluating the need for, and thereafter implementing, rehabilitation strategies, vehicular modifications, and necessary equipment.

NDIS and Our Occupational Therapists

The Coastal Rehab team provides comprehensive NDIS-registered occupational therapy services that can address each client’s unique needs. Depending on your requirements and barriers faced, our assessments can help identify potential tools, modifications to daily tasks, or assistive technology that can be facilitated through the NDIS scheme.

The support required by persons living with disabilities are not always covered by the NDIS. Some forms of support are facilitated through other areas of government, or by public services. In general, NDIS support falls into three categories:

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Reliable NDIS Support Providers

The NDIS scheme has helped provide thousands of Australians with better living conditions, allowing them to be independent, achieve their goals, and to be socially involved. The scheme is entirely separate from other government-funded support schemes and will not cause implications for those already registered with the Disability Support Pension, Carer Supplement and similar relief schemes.

If you are an NDIS participant, get in touch with the Coastal Rehab team for customised and comprehensive services.

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