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Coastal Rehab Helps You Achieve And Maintain Driving Independence After Illness Or Injury

Return to driving after injury or illness invokes mixed feelings, including anxiety and fear of failure. Living a full and engaged life seems impossible without the independence of being able to drive. Whether it is learning to ride a bike, drive a motorbike, car or truck, our service will customise the assessment and driver rehabilitation program required to support your independence.

Your Doctor may have concerns about your medical condition and requires an expert opinion. Driving assessments determine if a medical condition or disability impacts on your fitness to drive. At Coastal Rehab, a supportive approach is used to assist the client and their support person to understand the legal requirements, and to customise a learning plan to support the driving goal. The assessments are holistic, take into account driving history, off and on-road performance, and how best to modify the vehicle or driving routes to optimise independence. The driving assessment process takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours and is usually conducted out of our office in Buddina, with home visits by arrangement.

Service Cost

Fees for an OT driving assessment can vary. Please call on 07 5478 3719 to find out the cost applicable to your assessment.

*OT driving assessment is not covered by Medicare. Private health insurance rebates may be available in some situations.

Every case is different.

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