Vocational Assessment

  • Are you at a loss to know what job you can do?
  • Does your employee need a new job role due to illness or injury?
  • Does your injured worker need a Recover at Work program?

  • At Coastal Rehab, Vocational assessment provides a unique profile of a client’s soft skills (communication style, interests, personality traits) and technical skills (transferable skills, job history and experience)

    This investigative assessment assists clients to imagine a future role and assist with the psychological process of adjustment to injury and/or illness.

    Barriers to success are also identified. Our experienced therapists identify labour market openings and can assist with the job search, resume writing and Host Employer placement required. The outcome all stakeholders seek is a clear vocational pathway with the steps to success identified. Whether it is a new role with the same employer or a new role with a new employer, vocational assessment helps demystify the process and reduces fear of the future.

    Every case is different.

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