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Choose Coastal Rehab and work with experienced occupational therapists that can provide detailed assessments and fundamental changes to improve your life.


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Restore your standards of living and enjoy a fuller, happier life with the help of our occupational therapists (OT), based on the Sunshine Coast. With a focus on physical, mental, sensory, and cognitive abilities, our professional team dedicates themselves to helping clients live a full and independent life.

Coastal Rehab are registered NDIS providers and offer comprehensive assessment and rehabilitation services that are aimed at improving daily living, achieving goals, and obtaining a healthy state of well-being. After an initial needs assessment, we can establish the road to recovery and begin working with you and your family, every step of the way.

Work with Experienced, Local Occupational Therapists

At Coastal Rehab, we place a focus on achieving the outcomes that mean the most to you. Regardless of the issue at hand, we strive to develop strategic programs that will give you the support you need to maximise your independence and quality of life.

Headed by Jacinta McCartin, Coastal Rehab’s team of occupational therapists specialise in access and planning assessments, driving assessment and vehicle modifications, and at-home support structures that will help you live a meaningful life. Our team can help with all Activities of Daily Living, such as:

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Experienced Specialists, Exceptional Service

Live Better, Partner with Our OTs

Our services are open to all that would benefit from them, but an occupational therapist (OT) is most essential to independent, full living for any individuals struggling with physical, cognitive, or mental ability. Our services also extend to barriers such as poor balance, coordination, and aging-related issues.

You may need an occupational therapist (OT) if you:

Reliable OT Services for Independent Living

The Coastal Rehab team provides comprehensive occupational therapy services that can address each individual client’s unique needs. Depending on your requirements and barriers faced, our assessments can help identify potential modifications to everyday tasks to maximise independence.

Certain individuals may require special equipment to provide ease when performing activities, such as home or vehicular modifications. We are able to prescribe assistive technology and vehicle modification options are part of our services through NDIS.  We also hold close relationships with suppliers on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds, ensuring we can always provide our clients with the best and most affordable options.

From assessments and reports, to rehabilitation and case management, the Coastal Rehab team can facilitate a wide range of OT-related services.

An Interview with Our Director

Occupational Therapist Sunshine Coast

Occupational Therapy FAQs

Occupational therapy is a specialised sector of the healthcare industry that focuses on improving a person’s functional capacities after impairments resulting from congenital conditions, illness, or injuries.  Assessment and customised treatment helps individuals to develop, recover or maintain their ability to perform day-to-day activities such as working, driving and maintaining household routines.

An Occupational Therapy can help you regain, relearn, or maintain the ability to perform every-day functions, such as living, leisure activities, and finding employment. Occupational therapists provide the necessary assessments and evaluations to design and deliver high quality rehabilitation.  This holistic service enables many individuals that struggle with mental, physical, sensory, or cognitive abilities, at any life stage to improve function and participation in daily life.

Each appointment you have with your Occupational Therapist is completely tailored to your needs, and can be a home, community, or office-based visit. We believe that each case is different and take your unique needs and requirements into consideration when working with you.  

Why Choose Coastal Rehab?

Coastal Rehab practices occupational therapy with a client-centric philosophy aimed at reducing the barriers to success. We care about our clients and genuinely strive to help them achieve health productive and meaningful lives.

We have provided professional OT rehabilitation and assessment services to the Sunshine Coast and wider Queensland community for more than two decades. When working with us, you are guaranteed to receive the utmost respect, understanding, and expert opinion on your case.

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Experienced Specialists

Our team has a wealth of experience and are trained, qualified occupational therapists. We believe that every case is different, and put our client’s needs first.

Occupational Therapy

We have provided a range of rehabilitation and assessment services to clients, their families, insurers, legal firms and other health professionals for more than 20 years.

Wide Range of Services

With more than two decades of experience in the industry, our service offering has grown and includes medical assessment and rehabilitation services.

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