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Job Task Analysis

Our Sunshine Coast Occupational Therapists are experienced in the detailed analysis of work and job tasks.

Maintain a Healthy & Safe Workplace

Local Job Task Analysis Services

These are questions employers grapple with to ensure a safe and healthy workplace is maintained.

The Australian Health Benefits of Good Work has identified that the provision of good work is a key determinant of the health and wellbeing of employees, their family and broader society. Use of a Job Task Analysis identifies the physical, cognitive and environmental demands required within a job role. Risks are identified with strategies implemented to reduce risk and ensure the suitability of workers for a specific role.

At Coastal Rehab, our Occupational Therapists are experienced in the detailed analysis of work tasks. Optimising injury recovery whilst supporting the business objective for productivity is critical.

This resource assists Doctors to understand the inherent task demands for an injured worker and supports and appropriate injury management and return to work process. Engage Coastal Rehab to support your organisation in proactive workplace health and safety.

At Coastal Rehab, we have many years of experience in successfully supporting rehabilitation in work environments and believe the keys to success are early communication with treatment providers; a sound understanding of the work environment and workplace culture and identifying barriers to a successful return to work.

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