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Medico Legal

Clients we assess for medico-legal reports are treated with compassion and respect at all times. Get professional help from Coastal Rehab’s experienced team.

Professional Assessments and Reporting

Medico-Legal Assistance

The unbiased expert opinion of an experienced Occupational Therapist is invaluable for a court in determining the impact of illness or injury on a person’s life. You need to be able to rely on the expert, knowing that the information is based in fact, well researched, thoroughly explained and impartial.

Our lead Occupational Therapist Jacinta McCartin has over 20 years experience working with solicitors and insurers. Jacinta has provided medico-legal reports and opinion in many cases Australia-wide and worked with national and local legal firms.

Jacinta has a great understanding of the lawyer/expert witness relationship and what is expected of Occupational Therapists in this relationship.

Medico Legal - medical form on top of medical equipment

Clients assessed for medico-legal reports are treated with compassion and respect at all times. Assessments take place in the client’s home or workplace to identify their needs following an illness or injury.

The medico-legal reports are clear, succinct and ensure compliance with all court rule and requirements. The report provides a thorough and accurate expert opinion on loss of lifestyle, pain and suffering, employability and rehabilitation needs and care. The medico-legal report also includes recommendations and costings for appropriate equipment, services, rehabilitation treatment or training solutions.

Medico-Legal And NDIS

The expert opinion of an Occupational Therapist is also invaluable for clients seeking a Disability Support Pension or NDIS application. Families may also be seeking a detailed functional assessment report to support a Guardianship application through Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT).

Whatever the need, we pride ourselves on building a strong rapport with our clients to ensure a detailed report is delivered to you. Our focus is to communicate respectfully and effectively with clients ensuring a thorough and expert opinion.

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