Initial Needs Assessment

At Coastal Rehab, we understand an effective Initial Needs Assessment allows Insurers and Employers to evaluate the treatment and rehabilitation needs of a client that will facilitate either return to work or activities of daily life following injury or illness.

Coastal Rehab provides Initial Needs Assessments and Case Management reports which give a professional and concise view point of the client’s current status, work and/or home environment, therapy interventions and recommendations for what care or support the client and/or carer require.

With over 20 years case management experience and extensive knowledge of local resources, Coastal Rehab therapists provide timely and cost-effective reports and rehabilitation plans, essential in obtaining funding approval, ensuring responsive rehabilitation.

An effective Initial Needs Assessment provides practical rehabilitation recommendations that improve on a client’s functional performance and/or the care coordination required for them. We do this by conducting an in-depth interview with the client and obtaining information relating to the injury. Further detail is gathered from health professionals, family, carers and employer, to contribute to the assessment of the client’s needs.

Every case is different.

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